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Dallas Cowboys acquire Detroit Lions WR/49ers rumor Roy Williams

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WR Roy WIlliams, this is S Roy Williams...hope you guys can get along.

Can anybody remember a trade of this significance at the NFL trading deadline?  The Cowboys give up a 2009 first round pick as well as a 3rd, and a 6th and give up get back a 7th round pick.

Apparently the deal is not 100% complete as the Cowboys have a window to negotiate an extension with Williams.  If they can work it out, it certainly provides another big time weapon for Brad Johnson, and of course Romo once he's healthy.

EDITOR'S UPDATE 3:00PM: The Redskins have signed Shaun Alexander to a 1-year deal.  Ladell Betts is hurt and they need a backup to Clinton Portis.  Given his role in the offense this is a solid signing in my opinion.

And Pacman Jones has been suspended for at least 4 games.  Just a wild day of news.