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Get published in a New York Times blog!

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EDITOR'S NOTE 9:50AM: We're going to get 4 submissions from you guys so make sure and get your 100 words or less in today.  Right now we've got one, so if you get something in, your odds of getting published in the NY Times is dramatically increased.

For those who have never seen it before, the New York Times has a football blog called The Fifth Down.  Prior to the season they started getting in touch with the SB Nation NFL blogs to get their insights whenever they faced the Giants or Jets.  Basically, we would provide 100 words or less about our team and then a prediction of the final score.  Here's how the folks at the Times described it:

What I propose is for you (and however many of your blogging cronies want to play along) to analyze the game in about 100 words or less, and then pick the score.
For my idea, you’d start first with a sentence or two that introduced yourself, and your blog. Just as a means of promoting yourself and your blog. Then you write 100 words about the game. Most ask a question and then answer it, but you can do whatever you want. When you are done, you pick a score for the game. And call it good. O.K.?
Your introductory stuff and your prediction do not count against your word count. And, to be honest, just get close to 100 words. I am not going to trim you to fit; 110 would be fine, 150 would not.

So, it sounds like we might be able to roll more than one entry for this.  I'll be doing one and hopefully howtheyscored will as well.  However, I wanted to open this up for other people to come up with entries.  I'd be looking to use one or two submissions.  So, the plan is for you guys to use this thread to come up with entries and then tomorrow I'll post them and have people vote on them.  The top two (or just top one) vote-getters will get passed along.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I'll keep this open for submissions until probably noon tomorrow pacific time, unless we get to 10 submissions before then.  And also, we'll do this again prior to the Jets game.

Here are examples from various games.  These are mostly straight up previews, but I think a little creativity is always welcome.  Any questions, post them in the comments:

Giants at Browns
Bengals at Jets
Jets at Dolphins
Redskins at Giants