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Giants 29 - 49ers 17: Just Turnovers O'Sullivan snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

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Alright, I've been a J.T. O'Sullivan defender these last few weeks as he's made one boneheaded decision after another.  But, today's performance was just an epic crap-fest.  The great touchdown to Josh Morgan aside, JTO had a fine mix of overthrows, turnovers, fumbles and general bad decision making.  He actually fumbled the ball FOUR TIMES.  Only one was lost, but he really struggled holding onto the ball.

Of course the offensive line didn't give him a whole lot of time, but even when he had time, he still managed a pair of patented momentum killing interceptions.  No interception is good, but JTO has an amazing ability to throw his interceptions right when the 49ers have turned the momentum in their favor.

Maybe the 49ers weren't going to win this game, but they would have had a much better shot without the ugliness on offense.  I've got plenty more to say about this debacle and of course another patented Mike Nolan performance, but for now I'll leave you with appropriate video.  Nosetackle Supreme mentioned The Three Stooges and clearly it is wildly appropriate after today.

Editor's Note: And thanks to everybody who took part in the discussion today.  It wasn't a pretty result, but sometimes it's best to go through this with a large group of people.  Consider it some sort of therapy?

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