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Week 7 NFC Community Power Rankings Ballot

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EDITOR'S NOTE 4:55PM - We've got some ballots in, but I'd love to get some more.  I'm moving it up to see if we can get a few more ballots in.

49erLou made a good point that now is certainly a good time for a new NFC Power Ranking.  I didn't get a lot of participation so I stopped creating the ballot.  However, considering how crazy the first seven weeks have been, now is as good a time as any to see what people think about the state of the NFC.

I'll post my rankings with comments.  When you post your 1-16 rankings in the comments, you don't have to worry about commenting about the teams unless you want to.

1. New York Giants (5-1): They beat us so they must be the best right?
2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-2): Flying under the radar but looking real sharp
3. Carolina Panthers (5-2): See TB...dispatching opponents with ease
4. Washington Redskins (5-2): After getting shocked by the Rams they barely avoid a letdown against the Browns
5. Green Bay Packers (4-3): I really have no idea how good this team is.
6. Atlanta Falcons (4-2): Feel good story of the year and so far they seem legit.
7. Arizona Cardinals (4-2): I think they could easily win the division, but that's not saying much.
8. Chicago Bears (4-3): I'm rather surprised they're playing so well.  Kyle Orton looked damn good with that offense today.
9. Dallas Cowboys (4-3): If they can make it through the Brad Johnson era, the addition of Roy Williams leaves them with some serious weapons.
10. Philadelphia Eagles (3-3): Your #4 NFC East team.  Just a filthy division.
11. New Orleans Saints (3-4): Your #4 NFC South team.  Anybody else think the NFC South is a little better than the NFC East?  Losing Reggie Bush for a month will hurt though.
12. Minnesota Vikings (3-4): If they had a real QB, they wouldn't waste Adrian Peterson performances.
13. St. Louis Rams (2-4): Getting the post-firing boost I didn't think would happen.  Shows what I know.
14. San Francisco 49ers (2-4): Might be better than the Rams, but the Rams are on a hot streak and the 49ers are falling to pieces.
15. Seattle Seahawks (1-5): Just a nightmare way to close out Holmgren's time there.
16. Detroit Lions (0-6): 0-16 anybody?

So, whether you agree or disagree with my rankings, feel free to tell us what you think.  I'll leave this open for most of the week and then post the cumulative rankings on Friday.  The more contributions the better.