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New 49ers head coach Mike Singletary: What else needs to be said?

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After the craziness of yesterday, it's time to stop, take a step back and consider the situation. In a general overview, I think I can say with great confidence that I have absolutely no idea what to expect in the remaining 9 games of the season.  This is a man with no head coaching experience, or even coordinator experience.

At the same time, Mike Nolan brought him in and set him up as his #2 guy.  He wasn't offered any jobs but he clearly was a rising name in the coaching interview community.  People didn't think he was ready, but now we'll certainly get some sort of answer.

There are numerous pros and cons to the hiring of Mike Singletary.  We might as well look them over and of course feel free to include any I'm missing.

A big negative is that lack of experience.  When he hasn't been offered jobs following interviews, the general word was his lack of experience hurt him.  In the next 9-games, we'll get a much better idea of what kind of head coach he is.  If it turns out this is just a bad all-around team we can till assess how the players perform and what kind of game management skills he has.  Mike Nolan's game management abilities were a major concern among fans so that's certainly something I'll be keeping an eye on.

Another concern of some people is that Singletary is a "Nolan guy."  They argue that by promoting him over Manusky or Martz, we're just going to get more of the same.  My counter to that is that I really doubt Mike Singletary is anybody's "guy."  Maybe he'll end up as Mike Nolan the redux but it seems like he might bring a little more credibility with the players at least.

In looking at a new head coach, some have mentioned that the 49ers should go with an offensive minded guy.  We've lost offensive coordinators every year and an offensive-minded coach could bring some consistency to the team.  I can't really counter that argument as it is entirely logical.  However, I think this is something that is worth considering as we get to the offseason and know if Singletary is our guy going forward or not.

That leads me to something that's bothered me.  People are already talking about the Cowher's and Holmgren's and so forth.  Tim Kawakami wrote a blog entry discussing candidates for if (and he seems to argue when) Singletary doesn't work out.  He's actually got a list of 24 potential guys ranked according to "job readiness." 

Listing 24 guys will certainly allow you to hit all the sexy names, but I have to say he loses a ton of credibility with the guy he deems second most ready for the job: Pete Carroll.  Carroll is an absolutely awesome college football coach.  He is NOT an NFL head coach.  He's got the rah rah rah spirit needed for recruiting and dealing with "unpaid" youngsters.  I suppose maybe third time's a charm in the NFL but considering the money it would take to lure him, that'd be a major mistake in my opinion.

Anyways, I'm not going to go any further on his list because we have a head coach.  I mentioned at the beginning that anything could happen with Mike Singletary as head coach.  Accordingly, the 49ers could very well be in the market for a new head coach in three months. 

Either way, the remaining nine games on tap will be very interesting.  I don't know if roller coaster is the right term, but it could very well be a wild ride.  It would have been great for Mike Nolan to turn the ship around and return us to glory.  It didn't happen and a change was made.  Who knows if it's for the better or worse.  The one thing I do know is that my passion has been renewed just a little bit today.  I'll stick with this team through thick and thin, but sometimes a little change can be a good thing.  At the very least, this has been one hell of an interesting season.