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McCloughan/Singletary Noon Press Conference Open Thread

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The 49ers will be holding the Mike Singletary introductory press conference at Noon Pacific time.  I'm going to be a bit busy at that time so I thought I'd open up a thread for discussion of the press conference.  Over at, it looks like the press conference will be up on their Video Center.  If that link doesn't bring it up at noon, if you go to, and there's a story link that will take you to the press conference.

Also, some early player reactions are up at the 49ers website as well.  Most give the usual, some surprise, but given the situation not shocking.  Here are some other links about the firing:

The press conference will be carried live on Comcast Sportsnet.  The Chron says Channel 400, but I think that's the Comcast Sportsnet Plus channel.

Ray Ratto thinks the timing was bad.

Gotta love the Barrows headline: Enter the Samurai.

Mark Purdy sees this as the beginning of a long rebuilding process.

Ann Killion says the Yorks made the right move, even if it was 10 months too late.

Mike Singletary is used to leading.

ESPN's Mark Kreidler discusses the York's comedy of errors.

Mike Singletary certainly commands the respect of the players.

Another one on the bandwagon of "Nolan should've been canned in January."

EDITOR'S NOTE 11:45AM: Also, just put up a new front page poll about the York's and returning to the Super Bowl.