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ProFootballTalk reports 49ers C Eric Heitmann signs contract extension

Amidst the rubble of the season, apparently Eric Heitmann has received a contract extension through 2011.  ProFootballTalk made reference to it, indicating he signed the deal late last month.  I indicate them in the title because while it's likely true, they've been known to throw crap against the wall that doesn't stick.

However, according to PFT, the deal includes a $1.25 million signing bonus.  Starting with this year, his base salaries are $1.24 million, $800,000, $1.4 million and $1.95 million.  In 2010 he's scheduled to earn a $300,000 roster bonus and in 2011 he's scheduled to earn a second $300,000 roster bonus.

This begs the question of why bother drafting Cody Wallace.  Heitmann had a horrendous 2007 as he was returning from a broken leg.  A later round pick on a center is not the worst thing in the world, particularly if Heitmann was down for the count.  Although the offensive line is struggling, Heitmann was phenomenal in training camp.  Also, it's a pretty low-risk contract and if they cut him within a year or two it wouldn't kill the cap. 

We'll see now what kind of opportunities Cody Wallace gets going forward.  He has yet to be active for a game so that certainly doesn't bode well for him right now.  You never like to waste a draft pick, but at the time it made sense, and it is a 4th rounder so not exactly crippling.