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Chris Berman, oh how lame....

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I stumbled across something that really needed to be brought out as its own post.  Naturally the football crew at ESPN had a few thoughts on the firing of Mike Nolan.  I missed it, but did find a link that points to some rather interested and heated comments by the folks of ESPN, and particularly from Chris Berman:

Berman: "Well, I'm disgusted by it . . .You know, I uh um, he's a real good defensive guy. They've never really had the right thing, the move with Martz was just 'let's put a couple of spare tires on the car and maybe like Detroit teams will start 6-2 and see where we go.' That didn't even work. They just don't, Alex Smith didn't work. There are just a lot of things that aren't right there."

According to the link, the rest of the crew then piled on because obviously none of them can think for themselves:

Cris Carter: "It's easy to see why teams lose in this league. It's easy. When you run your organization, when you treat people like this this is what you get. How do expect to win a championship when you treat people like this."

Ditka then went on to tar the current Niners ownership junta led by John York as inherited money-having ingrates without the experience or the respect to run the club. And, everyone nodded knowingly.

To sum up, Berman signed off by saying:
"Well, good for Mike Singletary for getting the opportunity, there's no question about that but, uh, I'm disgusted."

While I'm not surprised at the piling on, I still find it says something about their understanding of the 49ers.  Has Chris Carter seen the performance of this team to date?  Read a few stories about the team?  Highly doubtful.

I realize spewing some venom is good for ratings, but I just found this a little off-putting.  While ESPN remains my sports channel of choice, their programming and personality hiring choices have done a lot to try and drive me away, that's for sure.