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Further delving into the mind of Mike Nolan: Nolan on Buddha

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So I got the transcript from Mike Nolan's press conference today and something about it made me laugh.  Read through the following (I did not re-order them in any way):

RE: Is it a coincidence at all that Tully Banta-Cain might be up for this game when you’re playing the New England Patriots, his old team? Or is that just a function of the schedule?
“We didn’t plan on Manny getting nicked. And that’s really why it works out that way. What’s that green thing you’ve got there?”

RE: It’s a Buddha.
“It’s a Buddha?”

RE: Yeah, I got it in Hong Kong. A little fat, happy laughing guy.
“Are you a Buddhist?”

RE: Yeah, why not? We’ve all got to believe in something.
“You know Wade Philips used to say when they called him a guru one time he looked at himself and said, ‘I think I look more like a Buddha.’”

RE: What would Tully have to show you to continue to remain active if he was active this weekend?
“Play well, just like New Orleans. Make tackles, make sacks, knock balls down. Just play well. Get noticed in a positive way.”

I have to say I love how they go from talking about Tully Banta-Cain to talking about Buddha and then right back to TBC.

Also, earlier this week there was discussion about how Belichick knew player names while Nolan was more of a number guy.  Check out this discussion about the 49ers wide receivers (more the second question than the first):

RE: Do the Patriots use as many 3 and 4 wide receiver sets as they did a year ago?
“We didn’t play them last year, but the film that I’ve looked at, it’s very much what they’re doing now. Now a few years ago when I played them, as a matter of fact the last time I played them in Baltimore, they were no backs sometimes. They would go one tight end and no backs. I think they have a lot of confidence in both their tight ends as well as their backs. Enough to keep them on the field. Back then, I don’t know that they had a [Laurence] Maroney. I think they had just traded Cincinnati to get that back, what’s his name? You’ll never forget old whats-his-name. I forgot his name. The big guy. Anyhow, they do the same thing they did a year ago to answer your question.”

RE: So, their third is [Jabar] Gaffney?
“Yes, No. 10. [They have] No. 83, No. 81 and No. 10.”

While this isn't quite like listing off 15 different players, the fact that he could call out the guys number when asked who the third receiver was seems to indicate his own level of preparation.

Anyways, nothing wildly important there, but just a few lines that allow us to be even more amused by the mind of Mike Nolan.