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SB Nation, Niners Nation's parent company, gets funding

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Many of you who read Niners Nation probably browse some of the other blogs in our network.  The network is owned by SB Nation and consists of over 150 blogs related to individual teams and specific sports.  We recently reached all 32 NFL teams and for you Boston Celtics fans, the biggest Celtics blog out there, the aptly named CelticsBlog, recently joined the fray.

As exciting as it is to see the expansion of the network, even bigger news has come down the pipeline.  The network recently secured funding from multiple major tech leaders.  Sports Business Journal even did a write-up on this development, and the President of SB Nation, Tyler Bleszinski did a brief write-up on the company blog:

What does this mean?  Well it simply means that this Internet company of thriving sports communities that started in late 2003 with the creation of a single blog by a single person (yours truly) now has the opportunity to build itself into a powerful entity in the sports media landscape.  We're going to concentrate on building something unique that is always focused around the fan experience.  It's something that I founded this company on because I felt like an alienated fan who didn't think anyone was serving my media needs.  And it is something that will remain core to the SB Nation experience.  I can promise you that.

Because of the funding we're able to retain the best technology team who is in the process of constructing the best blogging and community tools anywhere on the Web.  They are constantly evolving to reflect the demands of what a thriving sports community might want.  It's led by Trei Brundrett, who has tons of experience in building social platforms for major corporations.  Yet we're remain small and nimble enough that Trei and his technology team will be able to change things to adapt to real world conditions in our communities.

We also have an impressive Chairman in Jim Bankoff, whose legacy from AOL remains starting or acquiring some of the most successful professional blogs and communities on the web.  Jim's connections and past experience are a perfect fit for a budding sports media company like SB Nation.  He initiated and led sites like TMZ, Fanhouse and BloggingStocks and orchestrated the acquisition and management of Weblogs, Inc. while at AOL, so he understands the new social media landscape.

SB Nation is also bringing Kyle Ragsdale on board.  His last position was leading business and marketing activities for Georgetown Athletics, so he understands sports and the new sports media.  He also brings a wealth of business talent to help SB Nation work on key areas like business development and generating revenue.

If you check out the SBJ article, some of the investors listed include:

Accel Partners - backers of Facebook
Ted Leonsis - owner of the Washington Capitals and AOL vice chairman emeritus
Brent Jones - one of our own and managing director of a private equity firm
And many others...

Needless to say, even as the 49ers season might be going down the tubes (while I remain optimistic!), things are definitely looking up for SB Nation and Niners Nation.  This can only mean good things going forward and a continually improving environment here at Niners Nation.