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Golden Nuggets: The Morning After

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EDITOR'S REQUEST: Is there anybody who would be interested in becoming the daily "Golden Nuggets" person for the site?  I think people enjoy the convenience of having links to check on a daily basis.  It's not a glamorous position, but I think it's an especially important one.  So, if you're interested, feel free to leave a note in the comments or email me at and we'll discuss the details in a little more depth.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming...

We're a day removed from another bad loss and the links are certainly not rosy in nature.  Given the upcoming schedule, it's safe to say Mike Nolan is entering the proverbial hotseat.  I had considered a post asking what people thought would happen to Nolan if the 49ers lost their next three games (quite possible), but I really don't think that's an appropriate post for now.  If the 49ers lose their next three games, then, we can discuss it.

On to the links....

ESPN: Mike Sando wrote what we're all thinking: Exciting on offense is definitely not good enough for the 49ers right now.

ESPN: Sando also put together some silver linings from the game.  I'd much prefer wins over silver linings.

ESPN: Finally, Sando put together a detailed look at the 49ers committment to using Gore throughout the game (minus trailing in the 4th quarter).

Press Democrat: Maiocco rolled out a quickie report card following the game and suffice to say, the 49ers did not make the honor roll.

Press Democrat: The blitz did NOT work on Sunday in spite of the 5 sacks.

SJ Merc: A solid recap of the Steve Young jersey retirement ceremony.

SJ Merc: A third-down-stoppage stimulus package?  That's a good way to put it.

SJ Merc: Steve Young brought back some of the good ole days, for at least a little bit.

SF Chron: The 49ers receivers definitely didn't do JTO any favors yesterday with some rather ugly drops.

SF Chron: Gwen Knapp thinks there is too much of a losing culture with the 49ers.  If it is a "losing culture," I don't think it's the traditional culture of losing.  It's some twisted version.

SF Chron: The Chronicle's look at Steve Young's retirement ceremony.

SF Chron: Ray Ratto thinks the 49ers defense might still be on the field at Candlestick.

SF Chron: John Crumpacker grades out the 49ers.

Sacramento Bee: Bamm Bamm was PISSED after the game and did not do any interviews.

Sacramento Bee: The 49ers still have a long way to go. Another lesson delivered by "the mastered."  I'm not sure Belichick is sufficiently a master yet...we'll see how this season plays out before bestowing such a title.

San Francisco Sentinel: Well this Pat Murphy guy certainly has a bug up his ass.  I'm certainly not happy with the team's current state, but I'm not feeling quite as negative as Murphy.  Of course, some folks here probably agree with him and think I'm off my rocker.  Nothing wrong with that.