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49ers wide receivers and J.T. O'Sullivan

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I'm posting this in part in response to the Roy Williams on the Block FanPost, but more because of the general offensive issues that seem to be plaguing the team.  On Sunday, the 49ers had three touchdown drives, capped by touchdown passes from J.T. O'Sullivan to Frank Gore and twice to Isaac Bruce.  However, most of the rest of the game saw balls overthrown, underthrown and dropped by receivers.

It's fitting that Gore and Bruce made the three touchdown catches because they have been our most consistent weapons to date.  Isaac Bruce may be slowing with age, but he can still ran great routes and get himself open when need be.  Frank Gore continues to be a dual running/receiving threat and I thought his touchdown grab on Sunday was a pretty great catch considering he's a running back and was covered rather well.

The question is the rest of the receiving corp.  As pointed out in the game thread, the announcers thought the offense would improve over the course of the season as the quarterback and wide receivers got more and more on the same page.  The problem with that is sometimes it appears as though the receivers actually are on the same page, but the cosistency is a problem. 

Arnaz Battle had his huge game two Sundays ago.  Bryant Johnson has not had a huge game but makes some solid contributions at times.  We won't get into Vernon Davis because that's just turning into a clusterf#%k of epic proportions.  But looking at Johnson and Battle, what really is the issue?  In that Roy Williams diary, sfgfan made a good point when he said "A WR only disappears if the QB doesn’t see them, they’re not in the right place at the right time, or if they don’t create enough separation. I think Johnson and Battle are problem falling victim to the latter two more than the first."

I agree with that because even though JTO is getting run around his interceptions have come when he's had time to stare down some of those guys.  If guys aren't in the right place at the right time, I'd imagine that would go towards the color guys argument that the passing game will improve over time.  Is that true, or would people argue our receivers are just not getting separation?

I still think our receiving corps is good enough as is.  Of course adding Roy Williams wouldn't exactly hurt the offense.  Williams spent two years in a Martz offense so I'd imagine he could pick it back up quickly enough.  However, I also don't think we want to be giving up multiple draft picks for a guy who's a free agent after this year.  Even with a contract extension I rarely think trading multiple draft picks is a good idea (see Stokes, J.J.).