Week 6 Prediction Game

As much as I would like to profusely apologize for picking such tough games last week I did pretty awful in picking.  I think that's punishment enough. I don't expect it to get much easier this week.  Of course the two nationally televised games suddenly aren't exactly worth televising.  Anybody have the cajones to pick Cleveland?  If I'm one of the leaders maybe it's worth it on the off chance they pull the upset (ooops, I'm giving away strategy!)

EDITOR'S NOTE 11:45: And we've got ourselves a logo.  Thanks again to wjackalope for giving us yet another money logo.

49ers vs. Philadelphia - Sunday 10/12 1:15pm

New England @ San Diego - Sunday 10/12 NBC Game 5:15pm

NY Giants @ Cleveland - Monday 10/13 5:30pm

Chicago @ Atlanta - Sunday 10/12 10:00am

Green Bay @ Seattle - Sunday 10/12 1:15pm

Dallas @ Arizona - Sunday 10/12 1:15pm

I think the 3 rotating games (the non SF, non-SNF and non-MNF matchups) are rather difficult.  The Falcons are rolling along, surprising just about everybody.  Seattle got blasted last week, but maybe they just needed some time to get the chemistry back with the healthy receivers?  And Arizona is coming off an upset of the Bills.  Can they pull it off for the second straight week?  I really hope not.

Also, anybody have an idea for a better name than "The Prediction Game."  Sounds pretty lame to me.  Or maybe it's a simple game that doesn't need to be complicated by some crazy-ass name.

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