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Texas-Texas Tech Open Thread: Future 49ers QB on display?

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One of the biggest games of the college football season goes down this evening between the #1 University of Texas Longhorns and the #6 Texas Tech Red Raiders.  Kickoff is scheduled for approximately 5pm pacific, 8pm eastern time, although I'd imagine it will not be right at the top of the hour.  The game is being nationally televised on ABC so everybody should have the opportunity to watch it.

The significance of the game for 49ers fans rests with the two starting quarterbacks.  Last Tuesday Florida Danny put together a write-up about potential QBs the 49ers might look at in the upcoming draft.  Two of the QBs spotlighted were Colt McCoy of Texas and Graham Harrell of Texas Tech.  McCoy has indicated he's planning on sticking around for another year, but if the Longhorns roll up a national title, I'd imagine the NFL would be pretty tempting. 

As they'll be squaring off in the game of the week, I thought it would be appropriate to open up this thread to discuss what you see.  I'm no scout but as I'll be watching the game, I'll try and come up with what I like and dislike about each of the young QBs in the next couple of days.  If you feel like throwing out your own scouting reports, we'd love to hear them.

Additionally, make sure and check out our Texas blog, Burnt Orange Nation, and our Texas Tech blog, Double-T Nation, as they'll have plenty of info on the game and the two QBs.