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Golden Nuggets: The Day Before the Game..

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James here once again, settling in for another edition of Golden Nuggets. I'm up early, again, which means an initial lack of news--again. However, its Saturday, right? There's always a slew of quotes, previews, and last minute info to be had on a Saturday. So with that in mind I'll get this Golden Nuggets out to the front page (with my handy new authoring status) and refuse to leave my post until I find some particularly good articles to add on after the initial posting.

Not much to report yet, the articles are more interesting than a terrible amount of news but I'm working with what they give me. So without further delay, here's some links for your morning. Enjoy.

To start, a nice little story Fooch showed me from ESPN's Mike Sando about Justin Smith and the guy's apparent dominance.

He (Sando) also gives us an injury report that you've already seen, but it will nonetheless give you some relief in seeing that 1. Gore will play and 2. Jackson for the Rams most certainly will not. Sticking with Sando in this short short preview it seems we need to keep an eye on Donnie Avery. Personally, I'm not worried. Maybe slightly if they go after Roman, but not too much since he's not even for sure playing.

Here's the obligatory very short video preview of Sunday's matchup.

SFGate manages to give us the same story about Issac Bruce and how he feels about going up against the Rams while providing some new quotes and a few opinions that make it worth checking out.

MercuryNews gives a little insight to the Free Safety position, Keith Lewis apparently ready to play. I don't know a damn thing about this guy, honestly so I cant say whether or not I'm interested. Or feeling good about it, rather.

They've got a nice one about the RT position as well. Jennings seems to be back to full practice, he isn't however, guaranteed the starting job yet. Which is good. I don't like the guy. Maybe Adam Snyder is good, maybe he isn't, but I'd much rather have him over Jennings. Much rather. Matt Barrows (SacBee) elaborates a bit as well.

More on injuries. Frank Gore is back up to full practice. Sucks about Walker, he's gotta be one of my favorite players. I hope he gets back up to speed soon. Sean Taylor gets a mention in this seemingly expanded article from the one above.

Something many of you already know, but something I didn't post in the last two editions of Golden Nuggets for one reason or another. It wasn't Paraag!

Nolan gives his thoughts on the final seconds of the Cardinals game. I sincerely hope this will be the last link about that game. (Hey, how about the last link about Nolan? Any takers?)

Sing's Notebook on Jennings, Roman, Gore.. etc. You know, the basic shimmy.

Here's an interesting one. Nick Newton at tells us to speak up and be heard if we thought the officiating during Monday's game was less than stellar.

In non-pressing news, an article from comparing the impact between Bill Walsh and Al Davis on pro football. The article seems a little biased but hey, its an interesting read.

EDIT: Here's some more links, starting off with gasp.. another Nolan link.

This link tells us that the Cardinals were screwed Monday, and not the Niners. Huh...

Singletary is swinging for the fences

Matt Maiocco defends Paraag again. Also gives us some pretty decent matchups to look forward to during the game.

EDIT 2: I've only found two more really worth mentioning. MercuryNews has an interesting article about our inabilities to make short yardage situations when they count. Wouldn't you know it came up after Monday night? Go figure. Find it here

The other is from SFGate, and it talks about Jason Hill and Dominique Zeigler. Its an interesting, informative read about these receivers, what they've done, and what they're expected to do from themselves and their coach. Here it is.

So that's all for now but expect more edits this time around. (First day had one, second day had 5+ today should have a bit more to it than those.) Until my first edit, this is James, and I'm out. (Note: I've been told I could shorten these by utilizing the little jump thing by putting the links in "Entry Body" instead. [[always wondered what that was for >_>]] anyway, I figured todays didn't need it. If I'm wrong and you think this one runs for too long, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know. Thaanks.)