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Golden Nuggets: Previews Aplenty!

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Annnnd, I'm back, this time--with more previews! I was hoping there would be a bunch yesterday but there wasn't really a whole lot--so here you go, there's a bunch with the odd story thrown in. I was particularly interested in Singletary's golden rules.

At any rate, I'm hoping today is going to go well. I plan on for once, participating in the game thread discussion while still looking for links. This is getting up earlier today so there's an intial lack, but I'm hoping that'll be changed by the time the majority of you tune in, as I'm checking once every fifteen minutes or so for more links. So once again, enjoy, and in the spirit of gameday, GO NINERS! Here's your links...

Chrissy Mauck at brings us another coordinators corner where the coordinators break down what needs to be done against the Rams today.

Mike Sando is leaning towards picking the Niners. There are people who are going to pick the Rams? I don't know, I know there's not really such thing as a gimmie in football anymore but I think we got it.

Here's a very informative article about Shaun Hill from Gwen Knapp at the Chronicle. I hope the guy works out, I really do.

Singletary's got five golden rules. Remember them, or you just might get layed out. (Or forced to sit through a no-pants talk.)

MercuryNews talks about Singletary's job security. Personally, I agree in that we probably HAVE to win today for him to stick around.

The Sacramento Bee gives us some nice key points for todays game. A fairly good preview.

Another preview, this time from InsideBayArea. Remember folks, I wont post the boring ones.

According to ESPN, Gore will carry Singletary to his first win. I certainly hope so.

I've got into a habit of linking to Samuel Lam over at the Mining the Gold Rush, and with good reason as there's another preview to look at. Cant get enough previews, no?

More on Isaac Bruce and whether or not he's "broken up" over split with the Rams. This guy is so chill its intense.

Another what to look for preview type article from SFGate. Right here.

Here's a preview from a Rams blog, that says almost nothing about the Niners save for the last paragraph. Still, its good to see what the opponent is saying about themselves and us alike.

To close off for now (seeing as how its even earlier than usual and not everything is up yet) one more preview of sorts, more focused on statistics for betting.

EDIT: I expected more links than this, my internet cut out earlier (one of the only bad things about living on a farm with satelite internet) and I figured I'd have quite a few more articles by now, but I've managed to only find one more preview, and its from St. Louis. Pretty interesting so it deserves to be posted.

One more St. Louis based link, telling us we sorely need to run the ball on 'em.

YES! Some links! EDIT 2: I'm hoping this article has substance. Vernon Davis confidence boost.

Another preview from Matt Maiocco.

Sticking with Matt, he gives a little information on how Isaac Bruce's ex-teammates feel about him. This ones pretty interesting, definitely worth looking at. There seems to be a bit of conflicting reports though, with Holt saying there's a lot of "fond memories" and Bruce saying everything's business.

Another defense of Paraag Marathe for last Monday's game. He's getting a lot of blame and I agree with the people who are defending him.

This one from AOL Sports' FanHosue is definitely worth a read. More about Singletary and his five golden rules.

EDIT 3: How could I forget's game center... augh.

That's all for now, I'm earlier than usual and there should be plenty of links today. Stay tuned folks.