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Golden Nuggets: Just feel good, even if it was the Rams!

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Ahh, greetings Niners fans, James here with Monday's edition of Golden Nuggets. I'd like to get something out in the open before I continue. My second nuggets post was labled "No Foster, please..." and you know what? I'm getting close to eating my words. He didn't show anything fantastic, and did in fact give up a fumble, but the guy showed some pretty good athleticism. I'd like to see more of him this season, at least when we're saving Gore. That being said, he still needs to be cut this offseason and replaced by Thomas Clayton from the practice squad.

Now... I'm getting out of my place! I'm here to post links, not to ramble on about stuff. So here it goes, I'll try and post all the diverse links first, and I may post all the other ones that are still interesting but contain a lot of the same info, with a few exclusive quotes and stuff after the jump if I get that far. Needless to say make the jump and check 'em all out. On to the links.

I'll kick things off with John Crumpacker telling us why we should've won the game, and why we in fact, did win the game.

Tom Fitzgerald, also from SFGate gives a short article about the interceptions from Walt Harris and Nate Clements. I had almost forgot about them, and I'm glad I've been reminded these guys still know how to catch a ball not intended for them.

More from SFGate, this time dealing with Singletary, how he feels about his first win, and how he's just a bit irked on the fact that we didn't finish properly. I'm still a little shaky on the exact definition of finish, but yes the second half did leave something to be desired.

Here's a nice article on Shaun Hill. Its interesting to think about where we'd be right now if Hill got the starting job at the beginning of the season.

Niner Insider gives us some good quotes and a short summary of the game.

Mining the Gold Rush returns to the Golden Nuggets, Samuel Lam lets us know the importance of basking in the happiness of this win, even if we only played one half.

A little foggy about a few things that happened? Niner Insider was there, and here's a summary of all the drives. And here's one from Matt Maiocco, which seems to be a bit more in depth.

Here's a quick little summary/whatever from ESPN. Nothing special, just a short read that you should check out.

Matt Maiocco gives us the most informative article yet. From quotes, to letting us know that Vernon Davis wants Singletary to stay as coach, to a summary of the game, to a Q&A, its got it all. Check it out here

Maiocco also gives us two other wildly informative articles (this guys on fire.) Two important questions and a good summary. So.. why wasn't Hill starting at the beginning of the season? Oh, and one more pretty full of statistics. Find it here.

And now 49ers gets graded over at Press Democrat.

Mercury News does a wrap up, with a lot of interesting quotes I haven't seen yet. To note is that apparently Singletary thought Martz could've kept up the pace of five touchdowns in the second half if he had a mind to. I wonder.

Singletary really is thriving on motivation, and hope. To save space I'm going to rapid-fire the rest of the Mercury News posts that I could dig up. Shaun Hill gets praise (he deserves it, damnit!) No more "Win Monday" day off for the Niners. (Good.) Here's another wrap-up, stacked to the brim with opinions. (Scared of Singletary staying? Offensive minded coach next season? Bah, I say.) Apparently, there was a falling out between Vernon Davis and DeShaun Foster. (Hm..) More Shaun Hill praise

And one more before the jump, the transcript of the post-game press conference.

Make the jump guys, plenty of more links to come--and more to come later as well.

Matt Barrows gave a drive/quarter summary as well, notes Reggie Smith active.

More opinions and summary, including even more praise for Shaun Hill, this time from Barrows. I'm liking Hill more and more. I hope he can keep it up.

Everyone just loves Singletary.

More on the Vernon Davis/DeShaun Foster fiasco (can it be considered a fiasco? I dunno, anyway...) and Singletary takes a small jab at Martz? Interesting.

AOL's Fanhouse gives us another summary.

Cam Inman at cautions us on getting too optimistic. BAH, I say again. I'll be as optimistic as I want. If I get my hopes crushed--so be it. GO NINERS.

More about Davis and Foster, yada yada, and an admirable quote from Singletary in that he's glad the schedule ahead is hard. He looks at it as an opportunity to improve, which is definitely what we need.

Another report card, this one from InsideBayArea.

Singletary is pumped for the coming challeneges. Good. That is very good.

Here's an editon of Niners Nuggets from the official team site.

Another wrap up, and yet even more praise for Shaun Hill, this time from USA Today.

A wrap up from, expressing that we didn't need to finish--we got it done in the first half.

Short, sweet, simple, and pretty humorous wrap up from

And yet we'll continue with another summary, this time from NFL Gridiron Gab, a site I'm unfamiliar with and just stumbled upon. Worth a look.

To wrap up I'll rapid fire the rest of the links. Again, remember I'll be posting more links as the day goes providing I can find moer to post. I'm trying to get this post up as early as possible. So, for the last two...  Another wrap up from an unfamiliar site, National Football Post here and a wrap up from a Rams blog, just because I can--here.