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Prediction Contest Prize Update

When we started the 2008 Niners Nation prediction game, I indicated that there would be some sort of prizes, although they had yet to be determined.  As exciting as a front page post might be, I'm sure everyone wants a little something more.

So, the great prize drive has resulted in some goodies for the winners.  I haven't determined who will get what, but if you win the regular season you'll be getting a prize and if you win the playoff you'll be getting a prize.

First off, i've received three $25 gift cards from Circuit City as part of that Game Day Tour a few weeks back.  I'm thinking two of them will go to one winner and one to another winner.  You won't be able to get a new computer with the gift cards, but they could be good for a DVD or two or whole assortment of other goodies.

The second prize is courtesy of our friends at Corn Nation.  The folks there do reviews of various college football books.  Recently they were asked to write a review of The Galloping Ghost, a biography of Red Grange.  The publisher was kind enough to pass along copies to other SB Nation sites and my copy came in the mail today.  It's not quite a $25 gift card, but a little football history is always a good thing to learn.

I'm not sure if anybody has anything they can contribute to the cause, but we're always looking for prizes for our contests.  Feel free to email me at, or leave a comment if you think you have access to something we could use as a prize.  It could be some random sports-related tshirt (preferably not used), maybe you work for EA Sports and can provide a copy of Madden or some other sports related game.  Anything and everything is welcome and appreciated for our hard-working prediction game.