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Golden Nuggets: Raining Praise for Hill

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Hey guys, don't forget to check out the comments where Fooch has provided some links and I'll be making the majority of my edits simply in comments from now on. Thanks.

ey all, time for another edition of Golden Nuggets. If you didn't read into yesterday's edition and you're hungry for information, quotes, etc about Sunday's game against the Rams I suggest going back and looking into it, there's some pretty interesting stuff. Today there's not much else, just some more praise for Shaun Hill, more wrap-ups, and ominous warnings of future thrashings we're sure to receive at the hands of Dallas, Buffalo, Miami, etc... If you're to believe the articles, that is. As far as that goes, I'm not too sure (the losing part) I'd love to win and I'll hope and root regardless. I'll post all the relevant links that should be read, remember, regardless of lack of news I'll never post something that isn't interesting/shouldn't be read by a fan. So without further ado, here's some links for you this morning...

And we start off with Shaun Hill! He's boring right? Hell no he's not boring, but was supposed to be. (

In this weeks "Team Issued," Tony Wragge talks about the Rams and the game. (

Hill will do whatever it takes. This I firmly believe. I'm not certain he's the QB of our future, but damnit the guy is winning me over. (

Its "Work Mondays," not "Win Mondays," but it seems like its still an enjoyable day, which is good. Study the film, etc. I like it. No more win Mondays, study that film! (

The schedule gets harder. An article from Niner Insider with a few quotes from Singletary. The thing that interested me the most is that he's unsure how long Josh Morgan will be out. That hurts, a lot I believe. He seems to be optimistic about Robinson, Tarell Brown and Michael Lewis, however. (

Here's an article that talks about Patrick Willis and Mark Roman, and why the green dot signifying the radio transmitter has made its way back to Roman. (

This article talks about the Win Mondays, and gives a few quotes from Singletary about Mike Martz. Big focus is being put on these guys remaining close, the team that is. (

Is the pain just about to start? This article says it will, and I'm not sure what I think. I'm a bit on edge. (

Patrick Willis is back on top of the league in tackles? Awesome. (

Here's a post from an Arizona Cardinals blog that breaks down the NFC West, with some opinions on the 49ers game against the Rams and the upcoming match up with Dallas. (

That's all for me, folks. Hope you enjoyed the links. I'm exhausted right now, so I probably missed a few, but in reality there's not a whole lot to post yet. I haven't slept yet, I got home around 1:00 AM and decided I wouldn't be able to wake up in time for the Nuggets.. so I stayed up, of course! Silly sleep. I'll sleep after posting this for about three hours, get up, and hope there's more links to post. (PS -- How 'bout them Bills sucking it up? Good for us?)