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Golden Nuggets: Jennings is all today, folks.

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Hey guys, its a slow day today news-wise. Most of it is about Jonas Jennings, and I gotta say I've already figured out what I want done with him. I think we should get rid of him, honestly. So I'll post all the worthy links, just as usual. Enjoy.

One thing to note is I'll be posting a link to my new blog, which is poorly designed and wont be updated more than once a week. The reason I'm posting it is solely just to get my opinions out there. I don't want a lot of traffic, but I do want my fellow football fans know how I feel about my favorite team, so whenever I update I'll post it near the bottom of the links. You wont find any news there likely, just my opinions on what's going on. With that, I encourage all of you if you have your own blog or some such thing, to post it up in the comments for all of us to read/comment.

Anyway, sorry for my blabbing. Here's your links, folks. Enjoy.

We'll start with all the news about Jonas Jennings, and what his shoulder surgery means. (

Here's a little more info from Niner Insider about it. (

And another take on it from Matt Maiocco. (

More on Jonas Jennings this time from Matt Barrows. Here and here. (

Here's a quick take on the upcoming game. (

Another link on Jennings. (

ESPN's power rankings puts us just above Seahawks, Rams, Bengals, Chiefs, Raiders, and Lions. Hm... (

This article talks about the importance of not sitting on your lead when you have it. (

Apparently we get Fox's "best broadcast team" when we play the Cowboys. I'm touched. Honored... well not really. I really couldn't care less. (

Obviously there hasn't been much news today but I recommend checking out all the articles, and at least one of the Jonas Jennings ones. I'll see if I can find more links as the day progresses, but that's all for now. I'll leave it with the link to my blog which I've yet to even design, with a big article just with my own opinions. Leave me a comment here or there if you'd like to discuss them. Its here at obsessedwith49. Enjoy the links, guys. (Again, post your own if you find them, as well as your blogs if you've got any, and expect more links later)