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Bye Week Open Thread/Nomination Process for "our election."

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Since the 49ers have a bye week, I'd imagine most 49ers fans are just relaxing watching a little football, or getting away from it for one Sunday.  If you happen to be around here, we've got this open thread for your enjoyment.  There are plenty of solid games, including a big NFC West showdown between Arizona and St. Louis.

Also, with the election coming up this Tuesday, I thought it might be fun to have a vote for what NFL-related ticket would make for a good president.  I'm thinking we could come up with 5 or 6 tickets to vote on and I'll throw the ballot up on Tuesday.  Mind you this would not be meant as a discussion of real politics, but rather fake sports politics, if you will.

What I'd like people to do today is throw out nominations for potential tickets that would go on the ballot.  So for example, Jerry Jones and Jed York could be a nomination.  You'd get the experienced veteran in Jones and the young fresh-faced York.  If you feel like nominating somebody include a brief description for why you're making the nomination.

I'm not sure if people will find this remotely interesting, but I figure it's timely and gives people a chance to get a little creative.  So make your nominations, give us your reasons for the selections and we'll get the vote going on Tuesday.