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Would you call Singletary's first week "awful?"

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Would you characterize Mike Singletary's first week as awful?  I mention this because Mike Florio over at referred to it as such.  Florio has plenty of sources, but sometimes it seems like he says stuff just to say it.  I know Stampede Blue remains pretty peeved about the Marvin Harrison rumors Florio posted earlier this year through his gig at The Sporting News.  Florio had some thoughts about Singletary combined with some quotations:

49ers coach Mike Singletary had a horrible debut last week.  Apart from seeing his team obliterated by a poor Seahawks bunch, Singletary sent a star player to the showers, conducted a Coors Light commercial that doubled as a postgame press conference, and at halftime made a pitch for his own Preparation H endorsement.

In an interview with NFL Network, Singletary says, “I’ll tone it down.”

That’s a smart move.  Because if he doesn’t he won’t last very long in the profession.  Titans coach Jeff Fisher, who played with Singletary in Chicago, hinted in an interview during NFLN’s pregame show that Singletary will in time figure out what to say, and what not to say.


It sounds like a concession that any efforts by Singletary to identify the person who leaked the information and deal with him won’t lead anywhere good.  And it also indicates to us that Singletary will, moving forward, refrain from saying or doing anything behind the closed doors of the locker room that he wouldn’t want the world to know about.

Because the reality is that, if it’s juicy enough, someone will blab.

I realize many of today's athletes won't respond to crazed emotion like we saw from Coach Singletary last week.  At the same time, emotion can work in a coach.  Maybe Singletary won't end up working out, but I'm willing to let a little real emotion go out on display.

Again, my general point is that yes the events of last week were a little bizarre, but to say it was a horrible week is going a bit far.  Maybe shaking things up is what this team needs coming out of the bye week.  Or maybe the whole team needs to be put out of its misery.  Who really knows?