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Golden Nuggets: Interim praise all around!

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Good morning guys, here's this week's Thursday edition of Golden Nuggets. There's a lot more links here than there were yesterday, and there's quite a lot of info to be had this morning. The title of course, is a nod to Singletary and Hill, interim coach and quarterback respectively. Anyway, as always I'll try and update throughout the day and once again encourage you to post any links you may find that I've missed. Hell, you could even post, tell me I'm lazy because you've found one, and I assure you I'll run off to find it myself. At any rate, get involved if you think you've got some info. Without further blabbing, here's your links. Enjoy and good reading.

We'll start off with a very long, very informative article from Chrissy Mauck. It talks about Dallas and the upcoming game, it talks about Shaun Hill and how he feels he's playing, how his teammates feel he's playing, injury report.. Its got everything. (

A quick take on our upcoming game against Dallas. (

Practice doesn't make perfect--at least for Shaun Hill who is a "gamer." (

Here's a rare article about Alex Smith and him fading into obscurity. (

Shaun Hill isn't a big fan of the draft. After reading this article, I really don't blame him. (

Quick little article from Matt Maiocco on the 49ers options for QB in 2009. (

Another article from Matt, talking about SIngletary and Hill being in "interim" positions and what the coming weeks mean to them. (

Mike Martz football sins. But hey, we already knew this, didn't we? (

More on Hill's award, and a brtual lynching of Martz seems in order. (At least after this article.) (

T.O. didn't practice, seems he was actually sick and missed the conference call accordingly. Or, you know, he could just be a big baby. And an addition to Singletary's five golden rules. (

Apparently Shaun Hill isn't good in practice because Mike Martz is all over him. I don't think I could take Martz scrutinizing me all the time. Mostly because I have the suspicion I'm smarter than him. But hey, he's not complaining. (

Mike Sando's observations on the 49ers new offense. (

A few quotes from Jacob Bender, newly acquired from the Patriots' practice squad. (

Yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook, always a good read. (

Battle is on the mend. You know, to me it seems like he knows he's not going to play regardless. I want to see more of the young guys, sorry Battle. (

Hey the Niners are getting a little respect from a Dallas blog. Woooh. (

That's all for now, enjoy.