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Golden Nuggets: Is it Sunday yet?

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Hey guys, James here, and man am I tired. I was supposed to be sleeping earlier, but I decided to instead watch Thursday night football. What I got was an uninspired game where the winning team didn't look they even wanted to win. At any rate I missed some good sleeping time and now as a direct result you all are reading this rather long babble. At any rate, I've dutifully compiled the links and the previews are starting to come in. I have to say I'm excited for this game. There's so many ways it could go. We can play well and win, and I'll be stoked. We can play well and lose, and I'll be satisfied if we keep it close. Or I'll be able to tell in the first five minutes that we're absolutely doomed. In which case I'll be in a very sour mood come Monday's edition. So without further talking, here's your links, and enjoy.

We'll start with some excerpts from Martz talking to the press, which he does every other Thursday. A good read to start. (

Here's more on that from Matt Maiocco. (

Here's a little article that is more about the Cowboys, but nonetheless talks about the Niners and how the Cowboys intend to beat us. (

More on Chilo Rachal and whether or not he'll be starting. Martz seems to think he's not ready, Singletary does--we'll see what happens. Me, I don't know how I feel about him. I need to see more, so I say let him start. (

Willis missed his second practice in a week. Please, oh please be fine for the game. Singletary says he is, but I still worry. (

Here's some info on the $20,000 fine given to Martz, as well as more quotes from his media-day. I don't know, I don't really like Martz but damn that fine is stupid.(

Martz seems to think that the offense is finally clicking. Of course, under his tutulage. I wonder if he recognizes we're only doing better because Singletary has forced some changed. Probably not. (

Another article about Willis missing practice, but you know, I'm more interested in that T.O. is back in practice. I just think that... he wasn't sick in the first place, I dunno. That's just how I feel somehow. (

Samuel Lam gives us a very sentimental look at Terrell Owens. I honestly, have no opinion on T.O. I think about him and there's nothing there... Huh. (

Did you know Allen Rossum was a Cowboys fan? The notion sickens me! But really, I hope he wants to destroy them as badly as I want him to. (

Here's an article/preview on the Cowboys game, and what we need to do to win it. (

From some old fans of the 49ers, this match against the Cowboys lacks appeal. You know, for me... I'm just as pumped. I don't know why, I want to smash the Cowboys in good old fashion. (

Here's the Points of the Game from the official site. (

Singletary's notebook from yesterday, always an interesting read. (

Here's an obscure look just for fun on the last time the 49ers and the Cowboys tied. (

I'll finish off with something I haven't posted yet, and something you'll definitely not see a whole lot of in my Nuggets, but here's an ongoing discussion on the official 49ers message boards about their personnel needs for 2009. Its interesting to read over. (