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Golden Nuggets: Thank God Willis is OK

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Morning, folks. James here with your daily links. Not a whole bunch of 'em today, but I am getting the post up just a bit early because for once I have something to do today and I need to steal an hour or so of sleep. As soon as I wake up I'll be scouring for more links before going about my business, so no need to be all on your own searching for news yourself--I'll update as quick as I can. The biggest thing to note for me is that Patrick Willis got a nice, full practice in. I was worried something was wrong with him, and that would've sucked majorly, I gotta tell you. I'm expecting him to help out S Michael Lewis in covering Jason Witten. That's all for me, now here's your links.

Michael Lewis is going to be covering TE Jason Witten come Monday. I gotta say I hope either Willis or Lawson is on him too--I'm not sure I have a ton of faith in Lewis on his own. (

A little comparison between Isaac Sopoaga and Jay Ratliff of the Cowboys. This interests me solely because I forgot all about Spopaga, I was pumped for him at one point but he's continued to be unimpressive. Is that a position we need to look at come this offseason? Just maybe. (

Allen Rossum doesn't look at the stat sheets until after the season. That's odd, if I were him, I'd be reading how awesome I am all the time. (

Lots of Texas natives on our team--but its strictly business for Singletary (who is also Texas-raised.) (

Did you know Singletary interviewed to be Cowboys head coach in 07? Where would be right now if Mike Singletary got the job for head coach in Dallas? (

Patrick Willis is back to practicing again. Phew... I was worried. (

Pro Football Weekly thinks that the revamped O-line is just as noteworthy as Shaun Hill over J.T. Me too. (

Here's NFL's short video preview for the upcoming game at Dallas. (

Here's some general information about the road ahead, some quotes from Vernon Davis about Singletary, just a good general read. (

All the news points to Singletary and Martz being on the same page as far as the offense goes--but I just don't see it all the time, I really don't. Oh well. (

More on Patrick Willis and being back in the game. I'm very relieved. (

Here's this weeks coordinator's corner for the upcoming game at Dallas. These are always interesting, to say the least. (

That's all for now, I'm off to catch an hour of sleep before re-checking the links.