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Golden Nuggets: I'm tellin' you--we GOT THIS.

Hey all. Its Sunday! Game day... God I hope things go well today. I've been pumped all week and I cant wait to see how things play out. There's only a few things I'll really be paying attention to. That is of course, the play of Shaun Hill which should give us a clue as to whether or not he'll be starting for us next year--also his performance could directly influence whether or not Singletary is coaching next year. (For us, at least.) Another thing I'm hoping to see is T.O. doing... SOMETHING. No, not playing well. I want frustration--raw and uncut frustration. We need to get under his skin. Maybe have someone beat him to the ball and talk smack all day in his face--get him nice and pissed and get us some momentum. Anyway, I'll stop blabbing and here's your links which I'll update as frequently as possible. We'll start with a notice.

Make sure you get your predictions in for week 12--its not too late just yet, and there's prizes now! Sweet, juicy prizes and all you need to do is make uneducated guesses on which team will suck it up and which team will deliver a beat down. Get them in before the games, its much better with more people.

Singletary doesn't follow the whole "10 AM starts for West Coast..." etc stats, he thinks they're rubbish. Me? I don't base any opinions on them, but I definitely find them interesting. (

Here's a nice, long article about one of my favorite 49ers--Michael Robinson. (

This isn't Niners news at all, but man this article is interesting in a big lol sense, and its from a site I usually check, so why the hell not? They're auctioning off pieces of the Dallas stadium. Huh. (

What do we need to do today against the Cowboys? Frustrate T.O. early on. (

All the 49ers news is about T.O. I hope he blows up in this game--I want him throwing punches at their OC, God that'd make any loss sweet. (

Matt Barrows gives five easy steps that Mike Singletary needs to follow to keep him job. (

Samuel Lam gives us a short preview and believes the 49ers will win, albeit in a close game. Good man--good man. (

As you always should on game day, check out NFL's Game Center preview. (

The always informative scouting report for the game from the Sacramento Bee is up. (

Here's another preview for today's game. Man I'm getting pumped. I hope Hill does well--for him and Singletary's sake. (

Neither Shaun Hill nor Tony Romo got drafted. Its one of the reasons I always look for the obscure names in reports. (

EDIT: I got one of the links mixed up, here's an article about Singletary's job, and the above link is now corrected. (

Here's another article/preview. (

According to a Dallas blog, they cant afford a letdown. Shall we give 'em one? I hope so. (

Here's a preview from our resident Cowboys blog--always interesting to check out the oppositions points of the game. (Hell, if they have a gameday thread I'm gonna be on and reading that too--its just so interesting to me.) (

If you bet you might find this interesting, personally, I bet a lot and I never read this stuff. But hey, its a link, and some might need it. (

Some matchups to look forward to today. (Found on its from

Getting near the end here, here's another short preview/article. (

That's all the links I've got for now. I'm hoping this game goes well--if not, I've got a concert tonight at 6:00 so... if it doesn't, I've got a consolation. At any rate, enjoy the reading.