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After today's game thread I think it's an appropriate time to clean things up a little bit.  In the various threads today we had several instances of people insulting another person, often followed by the other person firing back.  Things degenerated into name calling, which does nothing to heighten the level of dialogue here.  Throw in some unnecessary swearing and things can and sometimes do get very ugly very quickly.

I will not point to specific examples as I don't want to call specific people out.  Suffice to say, insulting somebody will not be tolerated from here on out.  The same holds true for insulting somebody because they insulted you.  If somebody calls you a bleeping idiot, simply ignore them.  I will handle their conduct appropriately.

This may sound slightly elitist, but insulting somebody just because they insulted you is something that happens on message boards.  I consider this site (and all the SB Nation sites) a step (or two or three) above the general message board and not because of my contributions.  Rather, it's the contributions of you that raises the level of dialogue above simple screaming.  Saying somebody is stupid for thinking what they think is not adding to the dialogue.  If you think somebody is off the rocker with what they're saying, explain why you disagree.  Give reasons why you think they're incorrect but do not simply tell them they're a moron.

If any flaming develops, I will take action quickly.  The first instance will result in a warning to all parties involved.  Beyond that, any suspensions or banning from the site will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

From day one I've stated that swearing is not prohibited.  In the midst of a crazy game I understand that some swearing will show up because it's human nature.  While I really would prefer people not cuss up a storm in game threads, I understand that in the midst of getting your point down quickly it comes out.  Do your best to avoid it, but no need to tread on eggshells during a game.

At the same time, there is no such excuse for swearing in other posts.  If you're responding to somebody's midweek post discussing potential QBs of the future, you're taking the time to determine a response and you can censor your post accordingly.  So, the hard and fast rule going forward is no swearing in non-game day open threads.  The first instance of swearing outside a game day open thread will result in a warning.  The second instance will result in a week-long suspension from posting at the site and the third instance will result in a permanent banning from the site. 

A non-game day open thread includes the recap thread after the game.  Swearing will consist of the usual words, inserting symbols to censor it (f@%k, s#@t, etc...) or even shortening it to bs, effing, etc.  That may seem a little harsh but I don't think it's asking all that much.  If in the recap thread you're talking about a blown call by the ref, you don't need to say "it was a BS call by the ref."  You can say it was a horrible call, or it was an awful call or any one of a million other options.  I think it's safe to say that if you wouldn't say it in front of most people's grandmother, don't say it here.  If you think there is some necessity for having curse words in the title of a FanPost, please email me first.  Aside from sleeping hours I have email access most of the day and can respond pretty quickly.  More than likely I'll suggest an alternative, but I'll at least leave it open for appeal.

There has not been much of a problem with swearing in non-game day threads, but I wanted to make sure everybody was clear going forward.  I think we have a great community and I understand it can get heated at times.  If we were in a bar I could see how things could get out of hand.  However, here I think people just need to stop and take a breath if things are heating up.  I truly believe it will make this a better site for everybody.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this, either throw it in the comments or email me directly at