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Golden Nuggets: Red zone offense, anyone? No? Ok.

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Hey guys, James here--and as promised I'm in a sour mood. It is however, dulled by the fact that I was at an awesome concert a few hours ago, which itself is dulled back the fact that I am without sleep. Moving on.

How should I feel about this game? I don't know. There's bright parts, and there's very alarming parts. I liked the QB play of Shaun HIll but I didn't like the lack of hustle from the rest of the offense. I like the defense of Manny Lawson but I didn't like Clements getting beat every time he got a ball thrown him way. I also didn't like us getting burned on special teams--which is where we're supposed to shine. Gimmie some stats to make me happy, Danny, or I may be losing it by next weeks game. Any  good stats will do. Anyway, here's your links folks and enjoy.

Here's a wrap up article that talks about Nate Clements being beat by T.O. (

Takeo Spikes says the Niners are not at the bottom of the league. I certianly agree. (

Manny Lawson played pretty well, nhere's a article about it. I've always liked the guy and I'll continue to defend him. (

The 49ers get graded in this review from the Chronicle. (

Of course here's some more news about T.O. Did you expect that? I did. (

Here's Matt Maiocco's live blog of the game, which can easily be used as a reference. (

We lost becuase of our red zone offense so says Maiocco. And so says I. (

Here's a wrap up article for the game. (

Gore held to 26 yards? Ugh. (

Samuel Lam touches up on why we lost, pays special attention to lost red zone opportunities. (

Here's Matt Barrows' gameday blog. I've always found these particularly interesting. (

I'll throw up the rest of Barrows' links. One about T.O. burning us here, one about Nate Clements here, and one about our special teams underachieving here. I hope ST is back up to par next week. Its always been the bright spot for me. (

Of course as always check out the Game Center. (

I'm going to go ahead and give this post a jump--there's plenty of more links to be had so read on for more wrap-ups, quotes, etc.

We'll start the jump with a positive-esque article about Isaac Bruce and Chilo Rachal. Bruce had a good day and I'm pretty pleased with that aspect. (

Here's a nice, in depth wrap-up from the official website. If you've got questions go here. (

Here's some highlights organized by quarter. (

Post game notes. (

ESPN's wrap up, featuring who else? T.O. (

Here's a few articles from This one talks about our running game being stopped, this one falt out declares the Cowboys better than us, this one worships T.O. and we'll finish with a report card. (

A short wrap up here. (

Most Cowboy fans are surprised how badly we covered T.O. I am too. I wasn't worried about the matchip at all. My faith in Clements has dropped severely. (

We'll close off with an article that rips on Clements, Martz, Nolan, and Willis. Ouch. (

That's all for me folks. Enjoy and I'll update asap. Also, don't forget to check out the SB Nation NFL Hub, its new, its neat, and worth seeing.

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