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Golden Nuggets: May as well go from 2nd to 4th, 3rd down conversions = non-existant.

Hey guys, James here. The news remains today that T.O. burned us and we couldn't execute on third down. What irks me most about the game was the redzone playcalling from Martz...The guy doesn't seem like he knows what he's doing, which isn't really surprising because he hasn't impressed me all year.

Anyway I don't have much else to add, there's plenty of interesting links so by all means, get into it and enjoy.

Singletary says the gameplan against T.O. wasn't the problem on Sunday. Really? Because it sure looked like that was a huge problem next to the red zone offense. (

Apparently everyone on the coaching staff was surprised that Dallas was stopping us in the red zone. Really, guys? Did you expect them to let us in just like that? Give me a break. (

Here's an article on our red zone woes. (

Matt Maiocco breaks down/talks about Singletary's Monday press conference. (

Some blame is being shifted and tossed around for the red zone errors. What interests me is that Singletary claims that if Martz could do it again he'd do it differently. Rather than hearing that from Martz himself, this tells me that Singletary is pretty much saying "If it happens again, I'm going to make sure Martz does it differently." At least that's what I get from it. (

Lowell Cohn thinks that we need someone other than Singletary at head coach next season. (

Mike Martz needs to be like another Mike. No, not Singletary. (

Singletary gets ripped up in this article. Ouch. (

Matt Barrows gives us a few observations. (

Sticking with Matt, he claims that Singletary sounded a lot like Nolan in his press conference. That hurts, Matt. That hurts. (

Singletary is OK with the playcalling against Owens. Why? WHY? You're delusional, Singletary. Absolutely delusional. (

This article claims Nate Clements isn't worth his contract one bit. I'm not sure what I think. (

This weeks Team Issued is with Manny Lawson, check it out here. (

Here's yesterday's Singletary's Notebook. (

The Cowboys produced on third down. We didn't. That pretty much means a loss. (

Here's more on Jeff Ulbrich and participating in MMA. I've always liked Ulbrich, I'd definitely root for him to knock somebody's teeth in. (

Samuel Lam talks about what went wrong Sunday in this interesting article. (

This article calls Manusky the worst defensive coordinator in football. Wow, I don't know what to say because I don't know what I think. (

Nate Clements is is still confident in his abilities. I guess that's good, because I'm not sure I am. (

The resident Cowboy blog gives an analysis on the game--sure it talks about Dallas players, but they're still talking about how they performed against us. (

Here's a few points of the game. (

That's all for now, I'll try and update as much as possible today, I didn't manage any yesterday so allow me to apologize.

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