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Niners Nation current features/future salary cap writer

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As you've probably noticed, we've had some new features appearing on Niners Nation.  As much as howtheyscored and I enjoy being your dual source for 49ers information, additional help was needed to get you all the information you guys want and deserve.  So, thanks to some volunteers and quasi-draftees, we've got an assortment of new features to go with some of our longer running features.

Golden Nuggets - Our man ninjames has taken on the tough task of providing Golden Nuggets on a daily basis.  It can often be a somewhat thankless task, but I imagine people enjoy being able to come to Niners Nation in the morning and get their dose of daily links to start the day....kind of like that first cup of coffee.  Also, ninjames has been kind enough to donate some prizes for the prediction contest.  He has donated a $50 giftcard to and two copies of Blitz: The League 2 (likely for XBox).  There is a chance for more prizes, but for now big thanks go out to James.

Florida Danny's Statistical Reviews and Previews - I'd spent much of the last two years trying to find somebody to be the Niners Nation "stats guy," and all it took was stumbling across a comment of his in one of Maiocco's game day blogs.  The general schedule going forward is usually going to be a Wednesday Review of the previous week's game (that's when updated DVOA stats become available) and a Friday Preview of the upcoming game.  Depending on scheduling the Review and Preview might be off a day.

National Review and Preview - I envisioned part of Niners Nation's expansion to include national coverage of the NFL as a whole.  We all love the 49ers but we also love football and it's useful to get an idea of what's going on around the league...even if it's about the dramatic increase in safeties.  Josh in Hollywood will be posting his National Preview on Friday morning and his National Review Monday morning.

49ers Year-by-Year - Howtheyscored continues our run through every season in 49ers history.  We're at 1965, meaning a mere 14 years until Joe Montana's rookie season.  These early years are worth checking out to see where the 49ers came from.  There were solid seasons but the 80s were a sort of emersion from the desert.

Going Forward - Salary Cap Writer
We're always on the lookout for other features people might have in mind.  One feature I've been looking to develop for quite some time is a salary cap database/feature writer.  The salary cap plays a huge part in any team's performance and it'd be nice to have a specialist here interested in this area of the 49ers and the game as a whole.  My pie in the sky vision would be developing an independent site with a salary cap database for the 49ers and then having the developer of that site also writing features about the salary cap here at Niners Nation.  I'd even be willing to foot the bill for the domain name (maybe

In reality I'd imagine that might be a little difficult to pull off.  If we can't pull off the separate database, at the very least it'd be interesting to have somebody write feature stories about the salary cap in general and its application to the 49ers in particular.  So if you're interested in something like this in any capacity, you can either email me at OR leave a comment.  The same holds true if you have thoughts on other features for the site.  We've been adding a lot of features lately, but I think it's all for the better, so any recommendations are welcome.