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Golden Nuggets: Not much today, folks..

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NOTE: James here. Don't forget to check out the comments I've updated the links twice today and there's some interesting stuff in there. As of 3:29 PM PST I've updated twice so check 'em out. 

Hey, James here and as you can expect there's not a whole lot of news today. Unless I'm completely blind, in which case I apologize. But I've dutifully compiled the links that I think are interesting enough to be read by all of you this morning. So without further introduction, good morning, and enjoy your links.

We'll start with an article about the hall of fame nominees--Roger Craig has advanced farther this time than ever before after 10 years of elegibility. I sure hope he makes it. (

Also from the Chronicle we've got an article on interim head coaches, what they've done, and the chances of Singletary keeping his job after the season. They're not good. (

Here's some stats from Niner Insider for Shaun Hill. (

Maiocco also covers the hall of fame nominees with his own take. (

The Rams picked up Larry Grant from our practice squad. Must have missed this guy, myself. (

This article says Manusky's plan didn't work. Stating the obvious, no? Still worth a read, as always. (

49ers serve Thanksgiving. News? I guess. (

Here's Eric Davis with this weeks Wrap Up. (

Make sure you get your pro bowl voting in, I know I'm gonna--though I guess we don't have much to vote for, do we? (

Shaun Hill is a must grab from free agency for all you fantasy players--according to this article. (Found on says from

Here's an article that's focused on the Patriots--but what interests me is the end. It talks about Tom Brady and whether or not the Patriots should keep Cassel instead and they go on to say that Tom Brady would come here, to San Francisco. That's an odd thought, to be sure. (

That's really all there is for now folks, I'll try and find more ASAP.

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