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Golden Nuggets: Happy Thanksgiving, all!

James here. I gotta wonder--were you expecting some catchy headline today? I'm going to have to go with "probably not," seeing as how its never catchy or clever. I did decide however, to not think about this one one iota and simply wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. However, no slacking on the news reading--get it all done right now this morning and enjoy your turkey day. On with the links... (so I can get some sleep, no worries its only for an hour before I get up and hopefully find some more though I don't anticipate much more Niners news until 6-12.)

One last thing, if you were reading yesterday's edition before 3:30 PM make sure you go back and check out the comments where I updated late with some pretty interesting links. Enjoy.

We'll start with an article about Trent Edwards. Hey, its not exactly Niners news--but its in the Niners section, and its always good to read up on the opposition. (

Here's an article about Vernon Davis and why he's not getting a lot of passes his way--he's a good blocker. (

Ever wonder exactly what Singletary's role is in actual gameplanning? Well this article talks about it a bit. (

Now we've got an article giving some insight on the 49ers' use of challenges. (

Short video preview for the upcoming game at Buffalo. (

Vernon Davis is very fond of T.O. he also seems to think he can make a play any time he gets the ball. Really, Vernon? Do you? Fine. I hope you get the ball more. You had better be right. Also.. Takeo Spikes is a beast. An absolute beast. Click the link--you'll see. (

In an article from the official website, Chrissy Mauck talks about how the team can expect to play in bad weather. How well, that is. (

Here's an article from a site which sites a source as "a long time insider." Huh. Well anyway, it talks about Manny Lawson being more involved in the defense. I hope so. Go, inside source, go! (

This is all that's new for now, there's some late yesterday articles in the comments of yesterday's post. Have a good 'un.


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