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Golden Nuggets: OK Without Rossum..?

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Morning folks, hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Mine was pretty good but I'm exhausted. At any rate there's a decent amount of links today, a lot of them having to do with who will be returning kicks. Personally, I hope to see Delanie Walker (I'm not seeing a lot about him--is he injured or something?) and Dominique Zeigler. He's fast and has amazing hands so I don't see why not--and that's not just because I seem to worship the guy. Anyway, here's your links and make sure the check back in the comments later for updates. Thanks.

Should we be worried about the weather this Sunday? I suppose its worth looking at, and here's an article talking about it. (

Here's another from the Bee. (

Here's another article linking Vernon Davis to T.O. Please no, please no. I don't care if its being "competative," I don't want a T.O. on my team under any circumstances, sorry. (

What options do we have come Sunday for returning kicks? I like Zeigler, but that's just my horribly biased Zeigler-fan-ism. Here's an article covering it. (

Maiocco covers this issue too here. (

49ers should skip Thanksgiving and go straight to New Years resolutions. Huh. (

So what's the future look like for the 49ers? Its uncertain. (

Here's some practice notes from yesterday. (

Here's a good article about the upcoming game as well as quotes and information from players about last weeks game at Dallas. All around pretty informative. (

Nate Clements covers our upcoming game. Pun very intended. Hey, I didn't think of it. (

Don't recall if I posted this yesterday, but here's this weeks Points of the Game. (

With recent news of who will be returning kicks, I sure hope Delanie Walker is in on it. Here's an article talking about him and his potential to break a certain record. (


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