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Golden Nuggets: Spikes and Clements to beast on old team? I hope.

Morning, morning. Hope everyones doing fine today and I'm slowly getting pumped for Sunday. A little slower this week after last Sunday's loss, but whaddaya gonna do? I'm gonna put on the game and yell at my TV in anger (and hopefully joy) as if they can all hear me regardless. So here's to a good Sunday this week and here's your links and whatnot for today.

Takeo Spikes and Nate Clements are eager to play against their ex-team. They're also eager to destroy them. (

Ah, an article I couldn't agree with more. Why no praise for Shaun Hill? Why no confidence? He's playing really well and I don't see why all of us are so keen on looking for a new quarterback next season. (

Matt Maiocco breaks down the play of the offensive line in last Sunday's game. (

Matt also gives us a Q&A with Greg Manusky--just getting it out there: I don't like Manusky at all. There, I said it. Oh wait, I've already said that. Over and over. Here it is, anyway. (

I'm getting more and more convinced that Dominique Zeigler will return a punt or kickoff in Sunday's game. I'm excited--I hope he does well so people don't make fun of me. (

At least one part of our return game is in good hands--the hands of Delanie Walker. Lets hope he makes some history and takes one back for a touchdown Sunday, eh? (

Takeo Spikes wont mind it is he gets booed by his old crowd--he's there to beat 'em. (And he better.) (

Manny Lawson talks about how he hates the cold in his blog. He's looking forward to hitting people very hard--so as to get numb and not feel it anymore. (

Patrick Willis needs to stop missing practices. He's scaring me--but he's back to full practice again. Here's a short injury update for the 49ers and for the Bills. (

Here's this week's always interesting Coordinators Corner. (

That's all for now guys, enjoy.


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