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Get Your Predictions In!

Fooch usually promotes the predictions thread to the front page on Saturdays, and I imagine that he doesn't mind my acting on his behalf this time. I think a lot of people seem to wait for the front page thread to go up to make their predictions, and it strikes me that it might just be because it's more visible there. Remember, if you're ever waiting to make your predictions, the thread is usually active by Thursday in the FanPost section of the site, over on the right sidebar.

In any case, we're getting down to the home stretch, and things are tightening up like crazy. For a while, it seemed as though wjackalope was going to run away with the prize, but it's recently turned into a legitimate four or five person race. And any perfect predictions could make it even tighter. And with a playoff birth and prizes on the line, every week counts.

Make your predictions here. It's another tough set of games this week. Good luck to all.