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Golden Nuggets: Feelin' kinda Sunday..

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Hey everyone, James here and I gotta say I'm feeling pretty good. Of course, if ninety percent of predictions (figure pulled from thin air) are correct then I'll likely be pretty irked come the final whistle of today's game. It seems nobody is giving the Niners a chance and its probably due to blind fanboyism that I think they can win but I can legitly see us beating the Bills on several fronts. What it all boils down to I think will once again be our red zone offense. Can we score? Two field goals at six points looks a helluva lot less impressive than two touchdowns for fourteen points. All I know is, as a fan, I'm caustiously optimistic about today's game and I see it as something winnable. However, the pessimistic side of me fully expects to be in a rather bad mood come tomorrow morning when I post your links. So, I'll leave it at this before posting the links: GO NINERS!

The 49ers released LB Ahmad Brooks and signed WR Chris Hannon, the article also gives a little preview for todays game, analyzing a few key matchups. (

Clements says last Sunday is behind him--he's focused and ready. I sure hope so because my confidence is just slightly diminshed. (

Here's a pretty complete game preview from the Chronicle. (

Matt Maiocco has a Q&A with some of the readers at PressDemocrat and gives some pertty insightful opinions on the state of the Niners. (

Here's another preview, this one focusing heavily on the bad weather we'll be playing in. (

He also analyzes a few key matchps for today's game. I just want to see Nate play well, that's all I want today. (

More about Clements, last weeks "torching," and how he feels coming into today. (

Here's an article that stats the Niners are just a bit worse than the Raiders. Really? I don't even think Raiders fans think that. This article is a joke and you should get a pretty good laugh off from it. How they expect any future with Russell is beyond me but yeah--take a look. (I'll confess I didn't continue the article--but after reading the second "obvious" point in the article I laughed and decided to post.) (

Another weather report, this time from Matt Barrows who also gives us some insight to the CB position for the Niners. (

Here's this weeks scouting report from SacBee. (

Samuel Lam gives a short preview for today's game. (

Here's a weather update for the game. (

NFL Game Center preview for today's game is here. (

Trent Edwards learned a lot from Bill Walsh, apparently. Are you intimidated? I think I should be, but I'm not. (

We've got yet another article dealing with the instability of the interim head coach position. (

Here's another short preview. (

Here's a good, informative, complete gameday preview. (

And finally, here's what our resident Bills blog thinks they have to do to beat us today. Boo and hiss accordingly. (

That's all for now, but expect some updates. Lets hope for a win guys, and I hope you enjoyed the links and are as pumped as I am.


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