Week 10 Prediction Games

A win and tow third place finishes this past week has me getting back in the thick of things as we swing into the second half of the season.  Given the playoff format, it's just a matter of getting in.  Although, just a heads-up, but our regular season winner will get a prize.  i'm accumulating some potential prizes.  For example, when I promoted that Roger Craig event involving Circuit City, I received three $25 gift cards for distribution to you the readers.  I may have a new autobiography of Red Grange in the works (TBD) which could be another prize. 

I'd say consider this an open call for prize donations for any and all events.  Maybe you work somewhere that has access to gift cards or something like that.  If so, feel free to email me to let me know or comment in the thread.  My email is  I haven't asked for prizes in the past, but I figure given the broad range of readers, why not see what's out there.

As for the games, there's a Thursday nighter this week (DON'T FORGET FOR FANTASY PURPOSES), but I won't include it here as that would be a bit unfair.

49ers @ Arizona - MNF 11/10 5:30pm

NY Giants @ Philadelphia - SNF 11/9 8:15pm

Green Bay @ Minnesota - Sunday 11/9 10:00am

Buffalo @ New England - Sunday 11/9 10:00am

Seattle @ Miami - Sunday 11/9 10:00am

Indianapolis @ Pittsburgh - Sunday 11/9 1:15pm

I'm sure ESPN is not pleased with this MNF contest.  At the beginning of the season this looked like a big matchup.  I think it's still big for the 49ers, but not so much for the national audience.

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