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49ers-Cardinals: Arnaz Battle, Barry Sims and Dashon Goldson ruled out for Monday

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According to Maiocco, Arnaz Battle, Barry Sims and Dashon Goldson have already been ruled out of Monday night's game due to an assortment of injuries.  We certainly don't like injuries, but the fallout of these bumps and bruises lead to some interesting opportunities.

Jonas Jennings supposedly might actually be able to play Monday night.  If he can't go, Adam Snyder would start at right tackle.  Chilo Rachal is the emergency fill-in for either.  Jennings has been out for what seems like forever, so I'm curious how it woudl impact the offensive line if he returned.  Of course, given the play of the line, I can't imagine it being worse.  So maybe it could help things.

The absence of Battle means more palying time Jason Hill.  Hill caught his first career touchdown pass against Seattle and I'm actually quite excited to see what he can do with a little more playing time.  He's shown some flashes of talent but has been buried on the depth chart so far.  As much as I like Battle, I also realize Hill and Josh Morgan are two guys that need to be developed for the future.  Unlike holding back QBs, wide receivers need to be thrown into the mix as soon as possible.

Given Bryant Johnson's relative lack of impact and Isaac Bruce's ever-increasing age, I'm a big fan of getting Hill and Morgan out there as much as possible.  That's not a bold statement by any means, but I'm curious what kind of production we might see from Hill and Morgan in the Shaun Hill offense?  Hill is a guy who makes the quick decision, which often leads to check-downs to the tight ends and running backs.  At the same time, we'll see longer drives and thus more from the offense as a whole. 

So what impact will we see on just the wide receivers in the switch from JTO to Hill?