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Golden Nuggets: A win is a win is a win is a...

I don't care how ugly it was, I don't care about anything right this very second other than the fact that we won.I feel good. I gotta say it, I do. We went out, faced a decent team on the East coast and pulled a win out of our respective (site decorum.) It wasn't pretty, it was downright ugly at times--but we did it nonetheless. We went out there and we finished. That's right, finished. The 49ers can finish a football game. I didn't think it were possible even if the fan in me wanted it to be so. But now I'm getting closer to being convinced that we're not a terrible team. With that being said, I'll provide you with some links to pool over as you hopefully enjoy this day for celebration.

John Crumpacker writes a good article which is to no surpirse, a wrap-up with some quotes thrown in. There's gonna be a lot of these folks, but agian I'll only post the ones worth reading. (

Niner Insider gives a pretty decent summary of the drives/quarters as well as some postgame thoughts. (

Gwen Knapp of the chronicle writes that our Niners are finally playing in the mold of Mike Singletary. Good stuff. (

Here's an article about Nate Clements and Takeo Spikes' return to Buffalo. Nate thinks the fans still love him, despite the boos. After that performance, I'm starting to gain a bit more confidence in him. Lets see what he does vs the Jets. (

Frank Gore is not happy with his performance. I wish he had done better, but I still commend him because he didn't stop fighting the whole game. (

Up next we have the Jets. We can beat 'em. I know it. (

Here's a couple post-game quotes and info from Maiocco. (

If you missed the game, reading Maiocco's live blog is always a good start in catching up. (

Matt also talks about how we finished for once. That's good, I hope we continue to do so. (

Always a good read, here's our resident Bills blog's post game article. (

Maiocco grades the Niners performace. I always love these. (

The team seems to have this overwhelming adoration for Singletary. Takeo Spikes even said the win came straight from him. (

Daniel Brown talks about how us beating them hurts the Bills. Why does that make me smile? (

Samuel Lam at Mining the Gold Rush gives a nice wrap-up for the game. (

The focus is on the kickers. Joe Nedney came through for us--not so much Lindell for the Bills. (

Tim Kawakami admits some mistakes in believing that the Raiders are better than the Niners. I forigve you, slightly. (

Here's a video of some highlights from the game. (

Don't call the 49ers spoilers. Patrick Willis doesn't like it--did you want to anger him? Didn't think so. This article may though. (

Our defense played well. Now we just need some better red zone offense. (

If you make the jump and read the rest of the links, I'll give you a cookie. I swear.

Here's more about Clements and his return to Buffalo. (

Mark Purdy says we can feel "tingly" about this win. (

Here's the live blog from Matt Barrows, also quality material if you didn't catch the game or needed a refresher. (

Here's Chrissy Mauck's post-game article over at Goal Posts on the official website. (

And once more from the official site, this one focusing on our offense and how it sort of disappeared after the first scoring drive. (

SacBee always provides quality post-game articles, and this wrap-up follows through. (

Here's a pretty detailed recap of the game. The win was ugly, but it was a win. (

To add variety to the recaps, here's another very detailed one. (

And another one, this one from the official website. (

That's all I have for you now. I found a really weird article about Takeo Spikes' neck... but I didn't think it appropriate to post. I'll endeavor to update asap, and I hope you enjoyed. I leave you agian with... GO NINERS!


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