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Golden Nuggets: The most pressing news is new bikes...

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The links have been updated in the comments by Fooch and myself--check 'em out. MOST RECENT: 5:44 PM PST

Hey all, James here, etc. I'm pretty surprised--there's just about no news yet. I'll post what I can find but the list is seriously lacking as of what I can see right now. I'll make sure I'm on every thirty minutes or so to update so you can have some substance at least. At any rate, here's the small number of links and if you come back make sure to check the comments for more.One thing to note is that there's not a lot today because I updated yesterday so if you didn't catch 'em.. There's some quality links in yesterday's Nuggets and the comments section. I almost didn't want to post this because it seems so lacking but I assure you I will try and update. Enjoy.

This article gets first because its interesting. Has nothing to do with the current Niners or our next game... But this guy says Ed Reed is better than Ronnie Lott was. (

Caution always beats jumping the gun.(

Here's some first half notes and quotes from Kevin Lynch for last Sunday against the Jets. (

49ers build bikes for kids. Breaking news. (

EDIT: Maiocco is apparently reporting that Martz is no longer a candidate for head coach at SDSU but I cant seem to get his blog to load to link to it.

Wow that's all for now. Exciting, no?

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