Week 15 Prediction Games

Editor's Note 10:15am: Time's running out and the playoffs are just around the corner.  Make sure you get your picks in.  Even if you miss the early games you can always get late picks in.

Well the good news is that I gained a point on the last playoff spot and now only trail by 6 points.  The bad news is that if I maintain that pace, I wouldn't get into the last playoff spot until the conference championship games.  Good times.

This weekend's football schedule brings plenty more matchups with huge playoff implications.  The Falcons are in pretty close to a must-win to hang around the wild-card race.  Dallas is in the same boat as they square off with the Giants.  A Pittsburgh win more or less locks up the division (given the tiebreakers).

What will be interesting is how desperation starts to affect teams.  More importantly, how will it affect your picks???

49ers @ Miami - Sunday 12/14 10:00am

Cleveland @ Philadelphia - MNF 12/15 5:30pm

NY Giants @ Dallas - SNF 12/14 8:15pm

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta - Sunday 12/14 10:00am

Tennessee @ Houston - Sunday 12/14 10:00am

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore - Sunday 12/14 1:15pm

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