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Golden Nuggets: Your move, Foster.

I think that when we get to the offseason we'll be looking back at this upcoming game to determine who will be our backup running back. Not necessarily using it as the only source but Foster has a lot to show on Sunday. He says he's ready, and I sure hope so. I cant say I'm confident in the guy, and certainly Clayton is my man but I will definitely say this: I'm not rooting for Foster to do bad. I don't want him to screw up so badly that Clayton gets in. I want Foster to go out there, run all over Miami and show me he's a capable second stringer. I want to see Clayton a few times, but ultimately I want whatever we're doing to work. So if that means being completely wrong about DeShaun Foster, so be it. Anyway.. there's a lot of quality links right now, check 'em out.

An update on Frank Gore and an interesting article--what will happen between Porter and Davis? I honestly fully expect them to brawl in some form or another. (

Pretty good article here that makes me like Aubrayo Franklin a bit more. I was writing him off for next season but I'm thinking another offseason for him and he can really bring it together in 2009. (

Here's more on Franklin, and a nice bit on Patrick Willis with some quotes on his big hit Sunday. (You know the one.) (

This was posted in an update yesterday, but in case you missed it--the Jaguars signed defensive lineman Atiyyah Ellison out of our practice squad and we signed HB/FB Carl Stewart to ours. This could mean filling the gap for a certain HB to be elevated, no? (

Lowell Cohn interviews Singletary about his notebook--not the feature on the official website, his actual notebook. Pretty interesting read. (

Maiocco says that even though Singletary is proving himself time and time again he has the feeling that the Niners are still likely to hire an offensive minded coach at the end of the season. I hope not--I like Singletary. (

Wow. I nominate Matt Barrows for defensive coordinator. Seriously, read this article about the wildcat, mostly the end of it. (

Here's more on the Wildcat. (

Samuel Lam has my back--he's saying we should sign Clayton. Good man, that one. (

Help your community out with this food drive. (Found at

We've got a chance to beat the Dolphins. An article that actually states this is rare so far. (

Here's yesterday's Singletary's Notebook. (

DeShaun Foster is ready to start, he's confident. I hope so.. (

Nate Clements is probable for Miami. (

And to finish, a short preview for Sunday's game. (

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