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Golden Nuggets: We must tame the wildcat!

Hey guys. I gotta say, I'm tired. I've gone back and forth over how I think this game is going to end up. At one point I was convinced we'd roll all over them and blow them at, at another I was worried we might lose. At another I was wishing the season was over and I'm not sure why. At any rate, right now I'm sitting casually at "this is winnable." and I'm thinking something of a ten point victory. I don't have much else to say really, other than enjoy the links and I cant wait for Sunday.

Edit for lulz: So I searched for "Dolphins 49ers preview" and I forgot to put 2008. I gotta say I feel stupid right now because I read this link for a good five minutes very confused before I realized that it was from 2004. ("since the quarterback’s problems aren’t all his own fault. San Francisco’s offensive line has struggled mightily, failing to protect Rattay" Sound familiar?) (

We'll start with what scares me the most. News about DeShaun Foster. He's ready to go, very much so. Which is good, I hope. (

Here's an article courtesy of Fooch (and I believe from him, courtesy of our Dolphins blogger) about Frank Gore from a Miami-based writer. (

While I was there I found this article about our ex-practice squad WR Chris Hannon. It seems the Dolphins have quizzed him on the 49ers and some of their tendencies. The article assures us, however that nothing shady is going on. (

Here's some random thoughts from Kevin Lynch over at Niner Insider. (

Here's an injury report from Maiocco. It seems Rossum could be back returning punts. (

Hah.. Three 49ers make Fox's overpaid/underpaid list. (

Gore is now off of his crutches. He had them Monday and Tuesday, and supposedly didn't use them Wednesday. (

Man. I hope Vernon Davis doesn't get penalized too much. I doubt anybody can prevent it though, Joey Porter is gonna run his mouth with the best of 'em. (

More on Foster with some quotes, etc. (

I'm hoping Josh Morgan gets some playing time, Singletary said he expects him to be active, but Johnson will start over him. (

Here we've got a preview with some key matchups for Sunday's game. (

Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers. Its popping up again. Are we going to play spoilers Sunday? Honestly, I hope so. Sorry, Miami. (

Here's an article about the Wildcat from the official website. (

Vernon Davis is maturing, according to this article. I have to see him Sunday before I'm convinced, though. (

Here's yesterday's Singletary's Notebook. (

Here's "Clements' Coverage" where Nate is talking about the Dolphins. (

And this week's "Points of the Game." (

Here's a short preview from (

Check out the opposition as they ask themselves "4 burning questions." (

And we'll close off with a pretty good preview analyzing a few key matchups. (

That's all for now but I'll update ASAP.

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