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Golden Nuggets: Bruuuuuce

Fads ftw? Anyway, the one thing I want out of this game (other than a win of course) is for Isaac Bruce to get some good yardage. Either he needs 131 yards in this game, or at least quite a few to set him up nicely against his old team, the Rams, I'd like to see him pass Tim Brown and become second on the NFL's all-time receiving list. I lied, actually, I want a helluva lot more. I want Gore to get 22 and I want DeShaun Foster to show he's worth the two million or so we dropped for him. I want Thomas Clayton in to play and I want to see him prove himself. I want to see Michael Robinson own the Dolphins in a wildcat formation. In other words, I want utter domination of this football game in all of those catagories. It likely wont happen, but I can dream--yes?

We're hoping Allen Rossum will be back Sunday against Miami returning punts. (

If not, WR Dominique Zeigler will be the punt returner with Battle out. Also, unrelated to punt returns: Bruuuuuuuuuuuce. (

HB Michael Robinson believes he knows what he's doing in the Wildcat formation. Honestly, I'd like to see him throw a few passes from it, maybe not at a crucial time but it'd be interesting. (

Matt Maiocco writes about ex-49er WR Antonio Bryant. I wasn't exactly upset when we released him, but I was definitely surprised. The guy is coming back strongly. (

The Dolphins are concerned about Isaac Bruce--they should be. (

Another article about Shaun Hill not having a strong arm, I thought these would all be gone by now, but sure enough here's another. (

Patrick Willis did not get fined for his big hit on Brad Smith. Good news. (

Samuel Lam covers the running back situation for Sunday's game. (

Here's a weather update for Sunday's game. (

And the short preview video. (

Here's this week's Coordinators Corner. (

And yesterday's Singletary's Notebook. (

Aubrayo Franklin is getting some more love from the team. ( lists the 49ers as one of the teams within reach of a road victory this week. (

Hm. Nobody at our resident Dolphins blog is picking the Niners to win Sunday. I'm shocked! (

I wanted to throw this article in here even though its completely unrelated to the 49ers and in fact, completely fake. It made me laugh pretty good and I must share it. [Its about the Lions! Its bound to be good.] (

And that is all for now. Enjoy, enjoy.

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