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Golden Nuggets: The big kids on the block? Three letters: LOL.

Hey guys, James here. I'm really hoping for a win today. I told you all yesterday what I wanted to see so I'm not going to get into it. If I start now I wont stop and I'm pretty hard to shut up. This game is one I want us to win very badly--more so than any this season almost and I cant understand why. I'll spare you further reading while not actually getting anything out of it by providing you with some links. Enjoy. Oh and..


Here's a few matchups and a general article about today's game from Niner Insider. (

Here's a short article/preview for today's game. (

Joey Porter is our main concern it seems. This article addresses what needs to be done to stop him. (

And here's an article on the game from Maiocco. (

Only with Bamm Bamm could 117 tackles seem like a down year. What a beast. (

And of course, the mandatory article about DeShaun Foster. (

This week's scouting report for today's game from Matt Barrows. (

Singletary must wait to see if he'll stay for Niners. What do you think his chances are if we lose the next three games? (

Samuel Lam provides a preview of today's game, as usual. (

Here's the game center for today. (

And a weather update for today. (

And of course the video preview. (

Another preview for today's game. (

To close off, a non-game related article about Roger Craig and the pro football hall of fame. (

That's all for now but I expect a lot of updates and I'm gonna go ahead and go without sleep so.. should be updating!

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