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Dolphins 14 - 49ers 9: Damn, that hurts

Given how the 49ers performed on offense in the red zone they probably had no business having a shot to win the game.  The 5th part of Mike Singletary's Formula for Success is Finish and the 49ers did none of that today on offense.

More than anything, I feel bad for the defense.  Aside from Mark Roman (it's hard to stop Ronnie Brown or David Martin when there's a fork sticking out of your back), the defense played about as well as could be expected.  They got 3 and outs when they needed them.  And if you don't think that tackle for a loss late in the 4th quarter didn't contribute mightily to Carpenter's missed field goal, then you weren't paying attention.

The offense didn't really regress because they were in fact moving the ball quite well.  However, aside from that last gasp for the win, the 49ers offense strongly resembled the Bills offense of two weeks ago.  Get down in the red zone and just absolutely crap the bed.

Plenty more to come, but for now, feel free to commiserate here.  It's a tough loss but we did have two positive developments: 1) The defense looked quite solid, and 2) Mark Roman looked poor enough that Dashon Goldson would have to show up drunk to training camp to not win the starting free safety job next season.

More to come.