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Golden Nuggets: I decree... that Foster can stay.

First off, I'm pretty upset with the loss. We played well in many areas and I have to say if Rossum was there for better field position and Sims wasn't useless I'm certain that game would've been ours. At any rate I haven't much else to talk about other than admitting that I was wrong about Foster. He's shown he's a capable backup and fine.. fine, he can stay. You guys can keep him. Just be sure to feed, clean up after.. etc. Anyway, enjoy your links.

Here's a post game article from Niner Insider. (

Singletary is open to second-guesssing. Do you think the game woudl've ended differently had Vernon Davis been on the field for the final play to block Porter? (

Here's a game review from the Chronicle. (

Vernon Davis thinks he could've changed the outcome of the game had he been in on the final play. I kind of believe him, for once. (

DeShaun Foster played well. (

And here's more on him as well as other notes. (

Vernon Davis kept his cool. He seems to be maturing very well. (

We seemed to dominate yesterday's game and still somehow came out with a loss. (

I'm tired of Mark Roman, get rid of him. That's all. (

Samuel Lam gives some post-game thoughts in this article. (

No touchdowns, no victory. Simple. (

And another post-game article. I just like reading summations, I suppose. (

"Porter Gets Best of 49ers." (

This article states that the Dolphins "wanted it more." I'm not sure I agree. But hey, whatever. (

Aaand how about ESPN's post-game article. (

That's all for now, but one last thing. No Thomas Clayton sighting = I'm sad.

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