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NFL announces Pro Bowl Rosters: LB Patrick Willis selected as starter

Like clockwork, it's that time of the year again.  Considering how many players usually end up begging out of the game, this day might end up being more interesting than the game itself.

I had actually forgotten about this until Barrows mentioned it at his site.  Rather than discuss who I think should make it, I'll just wait and see.  One problem I have with the Pro Bowl voting process is filling out the roster.  In MLB's All Star Game voting it's pretty quick and dirty.  Over at it seems to take forever, due in large part to the huge number positions to fill.  Thanks to the folks at for a correction.  Apparently they adjusted the Pro Bowl balloting so you could just vote for what you want and you could vote by team as well.  Good to know going forward.

So here are the rosters.  Patrick Willis made the starting lineup at inside linebacker, ahead of Jon Beason.  Beason finished with more tackles and more interceptions but clearly this shows the respect Willis gets around the league and among the fans.

The 49ers also had four alternates.  These include KR/PR Allen Rossum as a second alternate, Michael Robinson as a second alternate for special teams, Vernon Davis as a third alternate at tight end and Andy Lee as an alternate at punter.

Certainly some interesting choices there.  Says a lot about the value of Robinson and Rossum to special teams.  I'm a bit disappointed Eric Heitmann wasn't at least an alternate as he has been an absolute beast at center this season.  Such is life.