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Mike Singletary Approval Ratings, Week 15

Having forgotten to do the approval ratings after the Cowboys loss, this is our first poll immediately following a loss. After the Jets win, Singletary's approval rating was at 98%, with only six people out of 332 voting no. Unfortunately none of those six people elected to speak up about why they voted no. I wouldn't be surprised if the first no vote was just someone who wanted to see more than 0 no votes. Beyond that I'm not really sure.

Even after the Dolphins loss I still approve of the job Mike Singletary is doing. The loss revealed some of the positives AND negatives of the man. On the plus side, he continues to keep these guys playing hard down to the wire. On the negative side, we've seen some communication issues with Shaun Hill on late game play-calling. Maybe the fault legitimately lies with Hill or Mike Martz. Either way, as the coach, the buck stops with Singletary.

One plus to having two separate especially tough losses (@ Arizona and @ Miami) is that Singletary is experiencing some really difficult game situations. The more experience he gets, the more I'd like to think he'll improve in such situations. As they say, practice makes perfect.

Of course, if you strictly blame Mike Martz for the outcomes of both these games, there's not a lot that can be argued and I'd assume you want Martz gone. As discussed before, I think Martz and Singletary can work well together going forward. I think the competing personalities are perfectly suited to offset each other.

These last two games will be important for Singletary in his ability to keep the team focused on one week at a time. If the 49ers win their last two games and finish 7-9, it would certainly be one more reason for hiring him full-time. We'll see how much he can get the team up going forward.