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Golden Nuggets: I feel so... unsafe with Mark Roman.

As our starting Safety, that is. I'm pretty sure he's a pretty legit guy--pretty chill dude, you know? He seems cool in his show on the official website and I like the guy in that sense, I really do. I cannot, however, like him as a player. He stinks, I'm sorry. He's not been good for us at any point, ("CANT WIN WITH 'EM") he's not done a single good thing in the NFL to my knowledge. If he has, it doesn't matter right now because we need winners. Roman cant win, in fact he was quite the reason we lost Sunday against the Dolphins. Maybe not the whole reason but the guy gave up some plays he really shouldn't have. I have not much else to say because A. I haven't looked at who might be available next year in FA and B. I haven't followed college football lately and cant name a safety worth his salt. At any rate, there's an interesting link within about safeties aaand.. that's all. Enjoy the links, guys. The big news is the pro bowl selection so I'll go ahead and link those rapid fire. Each link has some quotes, insights, etc.

EDIT: Updated as of 2:15 PM PST in the comments.

This one's from Niner Insider, and this one from the Chronicle. (

And Maiocco gives us a complete selection. (

Matt Barrows writes of three Niners who should be going to the Pro Bowl. One of 'em is. (

Bryant Young endorses Singletary for head coach next season. (

I expect nothing less than our best performance Sunday. We're playing for a good offseason. (

Here we go, somebody speaking out against Pioli and defending McCloughan. (

Here's a pretty good article about the Safety position with a few insights on what's happened and what we should do. (

Here's a fan Q & A with LB Takeo Spikes. (

So um.... Mike Vick, anyone? No..? Me neither. (

Wow. Had to post this. Browns fan ticketed for driving an unlicensed couch. (

And due to lack of NIners news, here's another unrelated article about a particular Giants fan. Lol at that. (

That's all for now. Its been really slow but I'm definitely awake now and I expect to update as things come.

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